Day Lilies.

Black Eyed Susan.

Yellow Day Lilies.


Pink Friesland Sage.

Showy Evening Primrose.

Purple Coneflower.

Red Day Lilies.

Purple Salvia.

Torch Lily, Red Hot Poker.

Unidentified White Flower,


All Photos Copyright of Amber Reyes.

Butterweed, (Pakera glabella).

Common Fleabane.

Fire Pinks.

Salt Creek.

Toadshade, Sessile flowered wake-robin.

White trillium

Virginia Bluebells.

Cinammon Fern.


Hickory Tree,

Mossy rock.

White and purple shelf fungus.

Hiding toadstool.

Hollow tree.

Walking trail by Salt Creek.

Wildflower (as of yet unidentified).

Wild Geranium.

Woodland Cleft Phlox.

All photographs are copyright Amber Reyes.
NOTE:  This section will probably get updated sometimes, so please check back!

After the storm.

Flowering Plum Tree.

Horse was interested in my picture taking.

Old house on Woodall Road.

Flowering plum after the rain.

Old Silo on Vernal Pike Road.



Brown Headed Cowbird in front of my office.

Brown Headed Cowbird looking interested.

Sparrow landed near the Brown Headed Cowbird.

Sparrow checking me out as I took his picture.

Yellow Snapdragons.

Bubble in the grass.


Coreopsis, also known as Tickseed.

Fossilized Crinoid stems in limestone.


Dandelion that has gone to seed.

Crinoid fossils in limestone.

Holly leaves.

Quartz formed on top of limestone.

Red Dianthus, or Pinks.

Bright pink Dianthus, or Pinks.

Still not sure what kind of flower this is.  Any help would be appreciated!

Purple Salvia.

Rock Wall with Pinks and Ivy.

Shell imprint in limestone.

Shell or fish scales in limestone.

Strawberry Banana Snapdragons.

Pink Snapdragons.

All photos are copyright of Amber Reyes.